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A Klystron Story with an Unhappy Ending
Here are some pictures of an old GE 110kw UHF transmitter being re-installed at a midwestern TV station.
It also shows a catastrophic meltdown failure. An engineer's nightmare!
Have a look!
We spent some of our lost youth catching bullets in mid-air. Here are some pictures of balloons and vacuum tubes with bullets caught on camera.
Have a look!
Well, it may not be legal, but it sure is fun!
Have a look at a masterpiece.
Have a look!
Remember Phone Phreaking? I do!
And here's some historical information about it.
Have a look!
Back in the early 1980s, WVEM-FM moved out of its downtown studio. Here is a video of the tower being dis-assembled.
Watch it here!
A map to Custom Video Systems Company.

A new server exists. Welcome to the Raspberry Pi experiment. This server is on-line most of the time.
Have a look at it here.

Ooops. It's off-line now. I'll have it back soon enough.

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