My wife and I scuba dive. Here are some great videos from some of our dive excursions. We've been to the waters from the Bogue Banks of North Carolina to the Stetson Banks off the coast of Texas; from Cozumel to Grand Turk; from the quarries of Illinois and Kentucky to the abandoned lead mine at Bonne Terre in Missouri. As Advanced and Dive Master divers, we've seen a lot and would love to share it with you.
     WJJY-TV, channel 14, had a short, but important history. From its birth in 1969, to its death two years later, WJJY-TV brought the ABC television network to Jacksonville, Springfield and Quincy, Illinois. This site contains the only known images of the 1,600' tower collapse in 1978 - nearly 10 years after the station went to black.
     WRSP-TV, channel 55 originally signed on as WBHW, a low power independent in 1979. It morphed into WRSP when it was purchased by Bahakel Communications (with a short, half-day stand as WZXO-TV). Here, you will find photos of the original control rooms, upgraded facilities, new tower construction at Mechanicsburg, and various station scenes.
     We are licensed Amateur Radio Station Extra Class - K9ZXO. Some interesting stuff about my station and digital communications in general. Have a look!
     My Great-Grandfather was a Sergeant in the 101st Illinois Volunteer Infantry and marched with Sherman's army during the American Civil War. Most important is that he kept a diary and you may read it here.  
     FCC Licensed and SBE certified and founded in 1976, Custom Video Systems has served the video production and broadcast community with quality systems maintenance, installation and modification for over forty years.
    That deaf, dumb and blind kid - SURE PLAYS A MEAN PINBALL! When the clean kids were in church and helping old ladies across the street, I was smokin' cigars, shootin' craps and (God forbid) playin' pinball at the bowling alley. Never quite outgrew that phase. Have a peek!
     This is my "Just Plain Odds and Ends" section. Many things defy catagorization and these entries certainly fit that definition. You can see my potato gun, bullets in balloons, burned up klystrons and a whole lot of... well... just plain odds and ends.
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