Nearly five decades of reliable service.

Custom Video Systems Company
Rochester, Illinois

FCC Licensed and founded in 1972, Custom Video Systems has served the video production and broadcast community with quality systems operations, maintenance, installation and modification for nearly fifty years. We are also members of the SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) and are a life-long certified member of the Chicago Chapter #26 of the SBE (Society of Broadcast Engineers).

Recently, CVS Co. has embarked upon several projects involving high-volume archiving and preservation of historical and personal audio, video, and documentary materials. Don't let the history buried in the attic leave this Earth when the caretaker does. Preserve it in an easily shared and viewed form. Ask us! We can help.

We have the capability to transfer VHS, Umatic, Beta-sp, DVCPro, and One-Inch videotape to DVD for a reasonable price. Email us for a quote.

We also can handle 78s, 45s, and standard LPs as well as most formats of cassette, micro-cassette, and reel-to-reel.

CVS Co. has slide scanners capable of up to 7200dpi and able to accomodate any size positive or negative up to 2" x 2".

Please feel free to contact us for any ideas for how to deal with your media archiving needs. Advise is always free!

Contact us via E-mail for more information about our services.

E-mail: id@brainmist.com

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